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Squirt your way to victory!
Hello everyone! I've just submitted a new JavaScript game for a competition. If you scroll down a little way, you'll notice this is a remake of a smaller version I made for JoBase about a year ago. Hope you enjoy! PLAY NOW

Io's Mission

The New Online Adventure Game
Hello! Check out my new game! You can play it for free at the link below. Tell me what you think! PLAY NOW

Leap Lava

An (almost) 1 kilobyte platform game

Hello everyone! Recently, I entered a competition for projects under 1024 bytes of code. It was a great challenge to compress a complete platform game into this tight size limitation.

Use the arrow keys to leap from the lava! Can you get to 2048 points in time?

Here is the entire 1042 byte source code: (It was originally 1024 bytes but it's a little longer due to performance and response fixes)

for(_='=iZ(iYZ=>LYX~~((A key=0:,c[forf](p+=->0k.*i+=0)w)/6;i=0;++i<${i}fill/2h-=(&&),	g]=)"#fff"`rgb(,q+14,5,5),q+9,14,14)99==q0,S=Math.sin,R=l=>{(w=a.width,h=a.height,T>m+?(k=F++):(A-A-N)5,t.2	$-$-T+)/15,i;)c[g="Style"]=${*SY},`f="Rect"](5,w,h);Y60;)sZ/12,o=SY)*w/s,M=w+s,r(w-s+o*s-A/300*s)%M+M)%M-sr,$/400*s,s,-h+$)i<59?,,)`:"#000";(Ty,T|I?u?y12:T?Tyy.4p=N+h-A,q=T+-$,5829,r?N4:l(N-=4	I=i= -< +++)d=h-A+60,eS((OZ%9)*O)<.6|(bZ%30==)&i20*(SY)+i)-~Y/3*2-(bi+SY+t/Y/15))/.7	E$+e,p>d-50&pE-(Cq+(E-	C<-9-5*y?Np-d?4:-4:(TC-y,I=1)	c[f](d,E,6e);c.font=`3em"`"#f40c"-$+h,w,m?mm-W=.2+.3*S(t/3+t4<2.4?W:2.4	c[f](p+1637,9,${.6-(m-$)/3e3})`w,h,c.Text(t<2048k?~~t:(F++,0==k?"LOSE":(m="WIN!")	9,45	requestAnimationFrame(R)},t=y=N=I=F=m=1,T1A=$50k={},Li,f)=>{38=qZ.Code)|90|87(u=f	39|68?r=f:37|65|81(l=f)},ondownX,1	onupX	R()';G=/[- X-Z]/.exec(_);)with(_.split(G))_=join(shift());eval(_)


An Infinite JoBase Shooter

I've just finished another JoBase game! Use your helicopter to explore a procedural world of procedural enemies with procedural powers! The game can go on forever, but my current record is 8581m (I could have carried on, but I'd already spent some hours on it and was getting bored.)

You can play the game by typing python -m JoBase.examples.squirtcopter into the terminal. Hope you enjoy it!

Source code available here.


Blue Hue

A JoBase Platform Game

Hello! I've just finished making a platform game for JoBase - a new python library for beginner coders.

You can play Blue Hue by installing JoBase (and Python, if you haven't already) and typing python -m JoBase.examples.blue_hue into the terminal. Check out its code on Github!

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