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An Infinite JoBase Shooter

I've just finished another JoBase game! Use your helicopter to explore a procedural world of procedural enemies with procedural powers! The game can go on forever, but my current record is 8581m (I could have carried on, but I'd already spent some hours on it and was getting bored). Anyway, feel free to email me your score if you like, and I hope you enjoy it!
You can play the game by typing python -m JoBase.examples.squirtcopter into the terminal. Alternatively, you can play it online here. (I'll just mention that the online version of JoBase can be a bit laggy. For best performance, download JoBase and run the game from there)

You can find its source code here.


Blue Hue

A JoBase Platform Game

I have just finished making a new platform game for JoBase - a fast python library for beginner coders.

JoBase has been a collaboration between me and my brother for a while now, and it's nice to finally have given it a solid contribution.
You can play Blue Hue by installing JoBase (and Python, if you haven't already) and running the command python -m JoBase.examples.blue_hue into the terminal. Feel free to check its source code on Github.

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