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Anthrophobia — Fear Of Crowds


This experiment began with a dweet I made on the very last day of 2021. It looked like it had potential so I began making this larger implementation.

Here is the complete source code:

Making procedural creatures like these is actually surprisingly simple. The idea is to generate a simple box like creature, apply randomness to it's colour, body height, arm length, leg length, eye distance ect..., and then move each 'man' in a random direction, stop at intervals, blink, and move its eyes. You may have noticed that the home page is a greyscale version of this experiment.

The way some of the creatures walk is based on a circular movement:

This movement is then limited near the bottom to create a walking motion:

The manner of the walk can be changed by stretching its vertical or horizontal movement:

Remeber that if sine is applied to an ever growing value, it will return a number swaying between 1 and -1; moving quickly around the zero mark, but slowing down at the edges. The same goes for cosine, only it has an offset of 90°.

So, if sine is applied to the x position of an object and cosine to the y position, It will create the circular movement shown below:

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